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Amman, Jordan




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Camp Gilead, Amman, Jordan

We see what we do as our calling - using our skills, talents and abilities to help build a better world. Designing mechanical systems is not just a 40 hour per week activity to make money. Whether it is designing mechanical systems for Habitat for Humanity houses, Young Life projects, or other ministries, this is our way of sharing the love of Christ and making the world a better place for others.

Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan
The EMI Team for this project

In 2001, Roger Griffith, in conjunction with Engineering Ministries International, traveled to Amman, Jordan to help design a Christian conference center for the Manara Ministries. The organization is a Christian ministry in Jordan that reaches out to the community through summer camps, day-care facilities, relief to the poor, and providing educational material to people throughout the Middle East. Their vision is to build a place in the beautiful mountains of Gilead near their summer camp where Christians from all over the Middle East can come for retreats and conferences. The team has returned to their regular jobs and commitments, but the design phase for the conference center is ongoing and expected completion is summer 2004.

Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan

Designing mechanical systems in other nations and cultures is a challenging experience. Time is required to find out about local methods and equipment. For example, in Amman, water is very scarce. The public water system only provides water to any given area for a few days each week. For this reason, all buildings have water storage tanks on the roof. Additionally, the design of sanitary sewer systems is also affected by this water limitation.

Adapting our thinking to different cultures is vital to providing help to others. It also brings new insights and new ways of looking at old problems.

Whether in Tennessee or around the world, the goal is the same - "Building a Better World - By Design".

Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan
Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan
Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan
Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan Internation Engineering Design - Amman Jordan

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